In the woods, schedules are flexible, weather is unpredictable, and our mission is to find sanctuary away from the chaos of work, family, and over-booked schedules. The only things you have to think about are food, water, and shelter. Join us for a weekend surrounded by inspiring women and focused on you!

On our trips, you will learn to cook meals on a camp stove, set up tents, filter water, carry group gear, and all the other camp necessities. The only requirements to come are that you can walk on uneven surfaces and carry a light-medium weight pack. You are encouraged to take risks and try new things, and we practice “Challenge By Choice” so that nobody is forced beyond their individual limits.

We cap the group size at 10 women total to comply with the local backcountry permit requirements. At least one staffer is certified in Wilderness First-Aid and all are certified in CPR/AED/First-Aid for youth and adults. Our staffers are strong, compassionate, kind, responsible, and quite goofy.

Each trip departs from the home base site (in either Arlington, Richmond, or Durham) on Friday afternoon at 1:00PM. Before the vans depart, the staff goes through each of your packs with you to ensure you have all the essentials and not too much unessential weight. We then drive to the trailhead, hike a tiny bit to our first campsite, cook dinner, set up camp, and hangout.

In addition to learning backpacking skills, Alta Trails trips also incorporate a few semi-structured reflection sessions throughout the weekend. These take many forms: journaling, conversation, silent hiking, yoga, storytelling around a campfire, etc. The goal is that not only will girls take risks exploring nature, but they’ll also spend a little time exploring their own thoughts and beliefs.

On Saturday, we hike at a leisurely pace, enjoy cool spots along the trail, and arrive to camp with enough time to rest or hangout until dinner. Then we’ll cook dinner again, weather-permitting we gather around a campfire, then head to sleep once again. Sunday, we pack up, hike out, and depending on timing….there may be some brunch waiting for us at the end. 🙂

Check out the roughly estimated schedule below, and please let me know if you have any questions!

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Drop-off is Friday afternoon at 1:00PM at the home base for the weekend in either Arlington, Richmond, or Durham. Specific location: TBA

Pick-up is Sunday afternoon at 2:00PM at the same location.

Day 1: Friday

3:00PM – Gather in Arlington, Richmond or Durham to distribute gear and pack.

4:00PM – Drive to trail head.

5:30PM – Hike short distance to first campsite. Set up camp.

7:00PM – Eat dinner. First Trail Talk session.

9:00PM – Feeling check. Bed.

Day 2: Saturday

7:30AM – Wake up. Pack up camp. Eat breakfast.

9:30AM – Hike, take breaks, enjoy views, sing songs, play games

12:30PM – Eat lunch. Second TrailTalk session.

1:30PM – Hike some more.

4:30PM – Arrive to second campsite. Set up camp. Snacks.

5:30PM – Free Time/Yoga/Meditation/Relax/Rest period.

6:30PM – Camp chores. Eat dinner. Campfire.

8:00PM – Final Trail Talk session

9:00PM – Feeling check. Star-gazing. Bed.

Day 3: Sunday

7:00AM – Wake up. Pack up camp. Eat breakfast.

8:30AM – Hike few miles to car.

11:00AM – Drive back to Arlington, Richmond, or Durham.

12:30PM – Eat lunch. Unpack. Wash group gear.

2:00PM – Depart in peace.