Similar to our other trips, the Mother-Daughter trip encourages women and girls to take risks and supports them in their efforts. The primary difference is that this intergeneration trip welcomes mothers and daughters to grow deeper in their relationship with each other while they explore a new adventure.

My own mom had never been backpacking until she joined me for one night during my thru-hike of the A.T. During her 24-hours on trail with me, I think we laughed uncontrollably more than we had in years. We spoke openly while we hiked and someone being away from home made it easier to relate not just as mom and kid but as friends. Plus, now we have a shared activity that we love. We’ve gone on more mother-daughter adventures since, and I really think it’s our most valuable time together.

If there is more interest in mother-daughter trips, I would love to offer more. So if the one in May 2019 fills up too quickly, I will look into creating another this year (possibly this season). There are no age limitations for the mother-daughter trips; however, I do request that the adult contact me first regarding any children under 10 years old so that we can determine if it’s going to be a pleasant experience for all.

Please sign up on the Registration page and email me with any questions (